Thailand Missions Trip

CCCV is heading to Thailand - December 2013 !!


CCCV is proud to announce that a large team of people will be heading over to Thailand at the end of this year.  Our goal is to support long term missionaries in Thailand to:

  • spread the powerful word of God
  • encourage Thai christian youth to rise up and live in faith and actions
  • care and love Thai people
  • build on the foundations that the missionaries have laid
To do all of this, our team are raising funds to lower the ministry costs such as materials, art and craft, gifts to those in need and love offerings.  And we need YOUR help!

What ways can you help?

1.  Pray for us
We need some prayer warriors to partner with us.  We know that as much as we are the ones heading to Thailand and physically doing the work - the real work is done by God and God alone.  Only His power and His strength is sufficient for our weaknesses.  We need faith and we need prayer support to encourage the team and to also see the powerful work and miracles of God happen.

2.  Financial support
We have set up this page specifically to help build awareness of our activities and to start fundraising.  There are a total of 18 people heading to Thailand from CCCV Lifespring.  We are looking to raise a total of $1,000 each, a total of $18,000.  4 years ago, God enabled us to go over there and reach a large group of over 300 high school students and build some good relationships with a group of them.  We know that this year, God has even bigger and greater things prepared for us.

How to donate?

We decided that online donation fundraising websites were too costly for us.  Therefore we've decided to just use PayPal.  PayPal allows easy, secure payment donations.  Click the button below to use the secure Paypal payment portal.